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Welcome the Community Ad Hub

The Community Ad Hub is a new feature on this site  which allows the community to come, see, share and buy affordable Ads.

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All ads cost $85 apiece.  The ads are hands-on info-clips you can click to play and see…then share on social media.  Buyers submit basic info and 1 photo, and our ad service creates the ad (included in the $85 price).

There are three (3) different types of ads available: Business Ad – Digital Biz Card for anyone offering a service (insurance, realtors, lawyers, financial reps, consultants, direct sellers (Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, etc.) House-for-Sale Ad – Anyone selling a home (homeowners, realtors).  Event Ad – Person/Org. who wants to promote an event at least a month away.

Ads are not stationary images that just sit on the screen.  Click an ad…it comes alive and fills the screen (info fades in/out; it spins, twirls, etc.)  There is an animated Info. Guide which guides viewers through the ad while keeping their attention.

Ads run for 30 days… 1st of every month thru the end of each month.  Plan ahead… e.g., an ad that is to run over the month of July must be purchased in June.  Deadline to buy is the 25th of every month for the upcoming month’s run.

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